quinta-feira, 6 de junho de 2013

Black Hat - São Paulo 2013

Palavras-chave: Black Hat, Hacking.

Fig. 1 - Black Hat São Paulo 2013.
"In a specialized two-day format, this Black Hat Regional Summit will introduce a mix of local in-region experts and researchers from around the globe, discussing the latest trends in information security with an audience of peers. Aimed at senior IT and information security professionals, Black Hat events are known for candid insight and education, providing technical background and instruction as well as higher level discussions on trends and market overviews for practitioners, decision-makers and executives" [1].

Em São Paulo - SP, o evento será realizado no Transamerica Expo Center nos dias 26 e 27 de novembro de 2013. 
Maiores informações podem ser obtidas no site do evento.


[1]. Black Hat - http://www.blackhat.com/sp-13/

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